Why refurbished?

Seven reasons to buy refurbished hardware from Libertyone

Choose Libertyone’s high quality, refurbished IT components and benefit from the advantages


By purchasing refurbished IT equipment, you save between 50 and 90 percent off the original price.


No loss of performance from overhauled equipment, as technological progress is usually much slower than the life cycles of the individual devices specified by the OEM.


Libertyone stands for affordable hardware and exceptional customer service. Thanks to our efficient processes, our customer service is especially reliable and fast. We know how important time is for our customers.


Tailor-made solutions for maximum efficiency. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive advice and develop solutions for you that meet all your requirements.


We know how valuable time is for our customers. We therefore place great importance on short delivery times. Ordered components arrive at our customers within two to five days.


Through high savings compared to the original price, you reduce your IT costs without losing out in technical quality or performance.


By buying refurbished IT components, you are making an important contribution to protecting the environment. Electronic waste is a strain on the environment. Benefit from the fact that technological progress is usually slower than the officially stated lifecycle of IT components. Only replace your hardware when it becomes necessary for efficiency reasons.

By the way, did you know that the return rate for refurbished hardware is lower than that for new hardware? This is mainly due to the extensive tests we perform on our hardware before it is sold. This enables us to identify potential sources of interference at an early stage in our laboratory, and not customers’ facilities, and to reduce the risk of errors during operation in the long term.

Choose the benefits of refurbished IT and network components and give us a call. We’ll provide you with comprehensive advice about your options to reduce your IT costs while maintaining the same high level of performance.