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Thanks to our many years of experience in the general overhaul of high-quality IT components, we offer you hardware of only the highest quality. We supplement this quality promise with our extensive customer service and unique conditions. Our refurbished and used IT components are highly efficient and ensure efficiently designed processes in your company. All this for a significantly lower investment sum compared to buying new equipment.

All components we sell work reliably in the long term and meet the requirements placed on them. As part of the general overhaul, the manufacturer optimizes and thus improves the components. Our experts check used hardware extensively for their performance and functionality. That way, you receive technically high-quality IT components that reliably meet your requirements. Before sale, we test each hardware component according to CCIE.

The LibertyOne ITS team tests used components according to CCIE and subjects the hardware to a comprehensive internal test. We try to remove any and all possible traces of use in the best possible way. Nevertheless, with older products it isn’t always possible to visually restore them to their new condition.
Refurbished hardware components sold by LibertyOne ITS to you come directly from the manufacturer, who performs the general overhaul. You’ll receive these IT components with their complete accessories and in their original OEM packaging. These products almost meet the standards of new goods, but are much cheaper than brand-new devices. Because these products are in particular demand among our customers, individual delivery times can be expected for some components.

Yes, LibertyOne ITS gives an above-average length warranty on all products. We are convinced of the quality of the hardware we refurbish and sell, and of their long-term trouble-free running time. That’s why it’s important to us that we also give our customers this security, and convince them of the quality and flawless function of refurbished IT components.

The prices of refurbished IT components are significantly lower than the prices of new hardware. Depending on the age of the component, our customers can save up to 90 percent off the original price. All hardware components are modern, high-performance devices that meet all requirements. For you, buying refurbished hardware significantly reduces investment costs in IT. In addition, you benefit from the comprehensive services provided by LibertyOne ITS.

One key advantage: In addition to the IT components overhauled by the manufacturer, we also supply used hardware whose sale has been discontinued by the OEM. This means that you’ll also receive replacement or supplementary components for your existing IT system beyond the OEM’s sales period. You get to decide, not the manufacturers, when to replace your hardware.

Reduced investment costs and high-performance hardware have a positive effect on the competitiveness of your company.